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"I hold the blessing of Forestalio within me!" - Bamboo
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(The episode begins with Ribbon outside of her house, leaning against the wall.)

Ribbon: ...I'm bored. I'll listen to some music. (puts headphones on) (starts dancing)

TP Stand: (walks by) (sees Ribbon) HEY! NICE DANCE MOVES, LOSER!

Ribbon: (looks at TP Stand) Huh?

Wheelbarrow: Um... Loser? Ribbon may be eager, but she's NOT dumb.

TP Stand: Whatever. Donut is better than you, anyway.

Donut: (in background) I'm better than you, TP Stand!

Cotton Candy: Oh well. Just don't bully my friends!

Basket: Whatever. Hula Skirt!

Grass Skirt: (Grabs Harpoony and stabs Basket) Don't call me a Hula Skirt!

Basket: Ok. I want you to tip over Toilet Paper Stand.

Grass Skirt: Alright!

Grass Skirt: (runs and tries to do a jump-kick) GGGGGGGGRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

(TP Stand dodges) (Grass Skirt breaks window) (Ribbon turns around, shocked)

Silky: What just happened?!?

Cotton Candy: Basket told Grass Skirt to tip Toilet Paper Stand over, and He he missed, and he broke a window.


Hamburger: Halt den Mund!

Grass Skirt: You speak... Croatian?

Hamburger: Nein, Grasrock, ich spreche kein Kroatisch, ich spreche Deutsch.

Grass Skirt: You speak Dutch?

Hamburger: NEIN!

Ribbon: (Panting)

Velvety: Ya tired?

Ribbon: Well, yeah... I got worked up over the window.

TP Stand: Says you.

Wheelbarrow: Hey!

Bamboo: Well, then, you're in luck! Up north of here, there is an island of dreams!

Ribbon: Really? What's it called?!?

Inflaty: It's called Luxury Cay.

Ribbon: Uh... What is it?

Bamboo: (Luxury Cay description)

TP Stand: (Pushes Rubbon out of the way) I want it!

Pin: Cool.

Cotton Candy: How do we get to it?

Hamburger: Gib es mir! JETZT!

Bamboo: You know, we aren't just gonna hand it to you. There will be a competition!

Inflaty: We just need more people to come to Lirula for the contest.

Ribbon: So, do we have to do a test?

TP Stand: Go to school?

Harpoony: Kill each other?

Bamboo: Nope, none of that, just do a series of contests, and whoever's team loses in a contest, voting will be on them, and the person with the most votes is eliminated.

Hamburger: Interessant, aber sterben wir oder werden getötet?

Velvety: Don't worry, you will be recovered.

Wheelbarrow: So, we don't die forever?

Bamboo: Nope.

Cotton Candy: What's our first contest?

TP Stand: I'm dying to know, already!

Bamboo: First, we will see the votes for IDFB characters.

Inflaty: To the Clearance Column!

(Screen swipes over to the Clearance Column)

Mystic: Okay, let's reveal the votes!